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Established in 2010, Great Glen Shipping initially started trading on the Caledonian Canal transporting timber from small piers on the West Coast of Scotland to Inverness. Between 2011 and 2018 the company operated the MV Isis and the MV Burhou, two sister ships, with a payload capacity of 900 tonnes . We then acquired our current fleet between 2016 and 2019 each vessel now having a capacity of around 1200 MT.

Our coastal vessels ship timber, aggregates and other bulk cargoes throughout the west coast of the UK. The CEG Cosmos has self-loading and discharging capabilities and regularly provides a sea freight service to the smaller harbours in the Outer Isles. The operation of our coastal vessels throughout West Coast UK is saving thousands of lorry miles on our  highland roads. We see ourselves as a key link in the forestry industry throughout the UK.

Our policy is to provide a competitive shipping service which is tailored to suit the customers’ requirements.

You can see from the enlarged map the full area that we now cover.

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